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Order a concert:

The round-the-clock                  Office numbers:

+7 (929) 909 99 50                      Bari Alibasov, office, Moskow

+7 (495) 690 52 92                      Bari Alibasov, office

+7 (925) 771 08 02                      Director of group NA-NA Vitaly Frolikov


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The Na-Na boy band is the most striking Russian music band, which has no analogues in the world. The four prominent musicians sing and dance; they have a remarkable acting talent and exhibit unconventional behavior on stage. Their unusual show is radically different from the rest of music acts. Their names Vladimir Politov, Vyacheslav Zherebkin, Leonid Semidyanov and Mikhail Igonin.



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Na-Na is often accompanied by the original “Rasiski ballet”, the plastique and costumes of which go far beyond imagination. Currently, the musical director of Na-Na is Pavel Vorobyev.


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Their music has no stylistic boundaries. The audience does not notice the transition between the cheerful songs, which make them dance, and the gloomy ballads, which take their breath away so that they are afraid to break the silence and remain speechless for a few minutes; then, all of a sudden, the band bursts out singing an a cappella, and the audience willingly sings along.



The band has an amazing vibe. After a concert, despite the late hour, the fans wait for the Na-Na band members in order to ask for their autographs. Sometimes, a line of dozens of people is formed.



The band NA-NA still continues to attract the attention of the Russian fans. The band members Vladimir Politov and Vyacheslav Zherebkin were awarded the highest prizes of the Russian president; in addition, they engage in the charitable activities. The band toured in 26 countries around the world. Na-Na was invited to a reception of the family of King Rama IX of Thailand and the Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien, Boris Yeltsin is the first president of the Russian Federation, Rupert Murdoch, the richest and famous world media magnate, Nursultan Nazarbayev- the first president of Kazakhstan, Emomalii Rahmon - president of Tajikistan.



In 2000-2002, the legendary Dick Clark and his company Dick Clark Productions with Larry Klein carried out the band promotion in the US market.

Dick Clark - founder of the company Dick Clark productions in 1957. From the moment of the creation the company let out a set of television shows and movies. Dick Clark productions is the world's largest producer and the owner of the television entertainment programs, most popular in the USA.The majority of the programs created by Dick Clark productions have analogs on TV channels of the whole world, including, in Russia. Dick Clark is founder of such legendary awards and TV programs as American Music Awards, American Country Countdown Awards, Golden Globes, Hollywood Film Awards, Billboard Music Awards,  AMERICAN BANDSTAND,  Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and many others. Also on foto Larry Klein - musical prodecer of group NA-NA in USA

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With the support of Les Bider, the chairman of Warner Brothers ChappelUSA, the band was preparing to fly into space to record the anthem of the planet. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the global music industry in 2002 due to the appearance of the free file sharing on the Internet, these projects were not completed.

NA-NA  in the center of preparation for space flights, NA-NA with Yury Koptev, head of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency

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Each new show of NA-NA becomes the brightest event of the Russian show – business.


They have received the largest number of Russian national music prizes known as “Ovation”. The lead singer Vladimir Politov has been repeatedly selected the Russian sex symbol.


Performance of group NA-NA on a musical award Ovation

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Performance of group NA-NA on a musical award Ovation

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The band founder, producer and director of many programs and shows is Bari Alibasov. Every single person in Russia countries knows this name. Bari is the author and the director of many shows NA-NA.


There are Na-Na stars embedded in the Star Squares in four cities -  Moscow, Yalta, Novorossiysk and Atkarsk. Russian Nobility Assembly assigned the “Earl” title to each of the four band members. BariAlibasovwasassignedthetitleofDuke”.


Group NA-NA on Star Squares in Moscow at a ceremony of a laying of a nominal star

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Na-Na performed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Performance group NA-NA at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

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At the end of 2015, the band held a triumphant Europe tour. Na-Na had 22 shows in Germany; the tour ended in London. After each concert, the enthusiastic audience waited for artists to get their signatures and take pictures.

 Triumphal performance of group NA-NA in London 2015

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Triumphal Europe tour NA-NA in Germany 2015

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Throughout its existence, the band has released 23 music albums.



The show of group of NA-NA devoted to a laying of a nominal star in Yalta

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watch the VIDEO

group NA-NA IN LONDON. created 2016 year 





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